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For Trust Registration

Documents For Trust


Details of Trustees such as Occupation, Name, Age, Address, etc, along with Two PhotographsAddress Proof of Trustee & Settler which includes Driving License/Voter I.D./Passport
Electricity Bill/House Tax Receipt/Water Bill/Ownership Proof of Property is RequiredFor Rented Property, the Rent Deed is Required with NOC From Land Lord
Physical Presence of the Settlers at the Time of Registration Along With Original ID ProofPhysical Presence of Two Witnesses with Original ID Proof During Registration

Benefits of Charitable Trust Registration

Asset Preservation

If you happen to have a property that is non-income producing, it can be used for the trust registration procedure for tax exemption while preserving its market value in full flair.

Save Income Tax

With Trust registration, you acquire a potential for partial and immediate deduction from income tax depending on the value of charity donation.

Reduced Estate tax

Post funding any trust, the assets are now out from the estate tax umbrella. This will eventually reduce the overall estate tax needed to be paid.

Creation of income

With the help of trust registered entity, the founders can easily turn the non-income-producing properties into an income generating one.

Hassle-free management

If the organization trustees apply for the incorporation of the members as the board, the collective team doesn’t need to be concerned with appointments or retirement with time.

About Trust Registration

A Trust is governed and registered by the Indian Trust Act, 1882. To simplify it, it serves as the financial vehicle meant for transfer of property from the owner to the trust for lawful purposes. Normally, “Trust Registration” is associated with religion purpose. However, the act clarifies that many other genres can also register under the Trust act which includes the sports academies. Being registered under the Trust Act often allows for tax efficiency for the founder or trustee of the registered body. Trust can easily be formed by inclusion of 2 or more than 2 people who come together for the inception of a social cause.

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