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Get started within a minute

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To Society Registration

Documents For Society Registration

Cover Letter Requesting Registration of the Society with Signature of All Founding Members
Memorandum of Association of the Society in Duplicate Along with a Certified Copy
Rules and Regulations of the Society in Duplicate Along with A Duplicate, Duly Signed by Founding Members
Affidavit Sworn by the President or Secretary of the Society Stating Relationship Between the Subscribers
Address Proof for the Registered Office of the Society and No-Objection Certificate from the Landlord

Benefits of Society Registration

Easy Procedure

Getting registered under the Society Registration Act 1860 allows access to easy and simple procedure as compared to being registered under Section 25 of Companies Act, 1956.

Name Selection

As an entity registered under the Society Registration Act, the company gets access to easy name selection process with no requirement of approval from Company Registrar.

Segregated Management

Management of a body registered under this act is simple and easy. The body doesn’t face strict impositions under this Act.

Fewer Penalties

For any official body registered under the Society Act, the penalties and offences are very few.

Equal Reputation

The registered societies in general enjoy the same reputation when compared to the companies registered under different acts.

State Governed Entity

Society registrations are generally managed by the state government. This is why application of the registration process can easily be filed with the local state government.

About Society Registration

The device “Society” was created in order to fulfill any requirements of the institution with non-commercial nature. Being registered under the society registration act allows the promotion of several charitable activities such as art, education, religion, music, culture, and sports along with several other. Clubs, associations, and societies are created in order to further the cause as these entities work on a non-profit basis. A society can be defined in several ways, one of which includes association and company of people united together under mutual consent for deliberation, determination, or initiation of a common purpose that benefits the society as a whole.

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