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Benefits of Trademark Renewal

Legal Protection

Trademark renewal has the same benefits as trademark registration. This means you get a long-term legal protection against infringement of your logo, slogan, or word of choice.

Business Opportunities

Trademark being an asset that is intangible, it adds enormous value to the brand. Having a renewed trademark adds to the royalty of the brand.

Unique Identity

Renewal of the trademark allows you brand to hold a unique identity in the market with no other brand registered with the same definitions.

About Trademark Renewal

- Trademark Renewal Applies to logos, slogans, and words. - The applicants for trademark renewal are business owners. - You can also have ownership without registration but the rights are limited. - Validity with trademark renewal is indefinite but needs to be renewed every 10 years.

Trademark Renewal - Eligibility, Process and Expert Help

Post initial registration of your trademark, the term expires after a validity of 10 years. In order to maintain the legal validity, you need to renew the trademark for an indefinite period. You are provided a window of 6 months to renew the same before the term expires and the legal facilities are no longer valid. Following an expiry of your registration, you are sent a legal notice by the office of registrar after which you have 6 months to complete the renewal process. After this, the registrar shall opt to remove your trademark from the books which can occur only after 12 months from the expiry. You can opt to register between this time-period by payment of fine under the process termed as restoration.

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  • Drafting and filing of the trademark renewal application. For individuals, proprietorships, registered SMEs and registered Startups. Inclusive of government fee and GST.
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  • Drafting and filing of rectification for applications marked+ Formalities Check Fail by Trademark Examiner with fresh Form-TM-O. For trademark applications filed by third-parties. Inclusive of government fee and GST.
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  • Drafting and filing of reply for objection raised by Trademark Examiner along with trademark rectification. Inclusive of government fee and GST .

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Trademark Renewal

Trademark, once registered is valid for 10 years and need to be renewed after every 10 years by paying fees to Trademark Department. Renewal of trademark helps to continue the brand usage for indefinite period.

What is the Timeline & Fees for Trademark Renewal

The Trademark renewal can be done anytime within 6 months of expiration of 10 years of trademark registration. Any further delay above 6 months is risky and will attract extra fees and documentation. If the renewal process is not completed within 12 months of expiration of trademark, the trademark will be abandoned i.e. removed from the trademark register.

What is difference between Trademark Registration and Trademark Renewal

The trademark registration is different in documentation, procedure, time required and fees from renewal. Trademark renewal within 6 months of completing ten years is simple and easy to handle.