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Draft of Legal NoticeIdentity Proof of Company/person to send legal notice
Details of issueAddress of responsible company/person

Benefits of Legal Consultancy

Strategic Planning

Any planning with regards to the business strategy must be in accord with national, local, as well as international laws. Having the help of legal consultancy allows the dispatch of strategic business planning.

Handle Unforeseen Circumstances

Having the aid of legal consultancy allows a business firm to handle any unforeseen circumstances.


Legal consultancy comes with experienced advisory for the business owners for every step of any ongoing business.

Law Knowledge

Having your situation evaluated by a legal consultancy brings in the updated knowledge of current laws for business.

Cheaper Representation

Having the help of full-time lawyers can be quite expensive as opposed to legal consultancy help.

Composition Scheme

Business Unit having an annual turnover less than ₹1 crore may opt the scheme. Requires to pay subsidize tax ranges from 1% to 5% & file quarterly return.

About Legal Consultancy

Legal notice can be termed as a formal mode of communication sent to any entity or person informing him/her of the fact that you are about to take legal proceedings against them. Legal consultancy can aid a business by a number of unique ways that is paired with full-year support, solving issues, employee benefit packages, etc. Legal consultancy today has become a prominent part of the developing business sector. You get access to fresh, focused, and new ideas with the help of a legal consultancy firm that aids you in solving major business related issues and brings down the burden off your shoulders. If you intend to send a legal notice to any firm or entity, having the help of legal consultancy service providers can benefit you a lot.

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