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Types of Income Tax Filing


This income tax return filing is meant for the individuals whose total income from pension, salary, house property, and other sources cumulate to INR 50 Lakhs.


This income tax return filing is for the HUF and individuals whose cumulative income comes from salary, house property, pension, capital gains, foreign income sources or assets.


This ITR is for the HUF or individuals with income from gains and profit of the profession or business.


This one is for the individuals or the HUF who acquire income from the PGBP but opted for the income scheme.


This ITR filing is for the firms, BOI, LLPs, and the AOP


This ITR Filing process is meant for all types of companies like Private Limited Company, OPC, Public Limited Company with the exception of Section 8 Company.

About Income Tax Filing

As listed under the Section 139(1) which is defined under IT Act, 1961, any individual whose income compiling all sources for the financial year is above and over the maximum limit for which the taxes are not applicable, need to file the taxes for claiming the returns. Filing the IT return is equal to being a responsible Indian citizen. The government has made it mandatory for the working population to pay taxes for a specific amount annually. Failing to do this leads to penalties depending on the intensity of tax fraud. .

  • Basic Package
  • 999 __
  • Filing of ITR-1 for an individual with salary.
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  • Standard Package
  • 1999 __
  • Filing of ITR-4 of a person earning business or professional income who have opted for presumptive income scheme.
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  • Premium Package
  • 3499* __
  • Filing of ITR 3, 5 or 6 for LLP, OPC, Companies, Partnership Firms and individuals who have not opted for the presumptive income scheme.
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