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For Trade License Registration

Documents For Trade License


Duly filled 353 formLetter of the consent from neighbor or owner
City Survey Map of the PropertyTax Receipts
Blueprint of Premises if the business is involved in dealing dangerous goods such as explosives or timberOther Documents as demanded by the Ward Officer

Benefits of Trade License Registration


Any business with trade license enjoys greater goodwill while attracting huge chunk of the customer base and investors as compared to any unregistered entity.

No fines or penalties

Having your trade license approved gets you an escape from penalties and fines.

Liability Protection

Having your business registered for trade license protects the same against any liabilities.

Ethical Business

Any business with trade license automatically dictates ethical business protocol establishing a trust among the potential customers.

Categories of Trade License

Industries License

This trade license is meant for the small, medium, or large scale factories that work for the manufacturing industry.

Shop License

Any offensive or dangerous trade like cracker manufacturing, firewood sale, candle manufacturing, dhobi shop, or barber shop.

Food Establishment

License for hotels, food stall, restaurant, canteen, meat sale, bakeries, vegetables, etc.

About Trade License Registration

Trade License can essentially be defined as a certified documentation obtained from the local municipality that actually grants your firm the permission to carry on any business or trade activities. This license can only be acquired if the said business firm truly complies with the laid down rules & regulations by the state’s corporation & safety authorities. The application to register needs to be made about 30 days before commencement of the business.

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  • 9599 __
  • Trade license for one business.
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  • Standard Package
  • 16599 __
  • Trade license + trademark registration.
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  • Premium Package
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  • Trade license + LLP registration/Private Limited Registration.
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