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For PSARA Registration In India

Documents For PSARA


Affidavit as per PSARA ActAffidavit of Security Training
Ownership proof for principal business placeSecurity Agency Logo
Identity Card For All EmployeesDetailed Armed License
Uniform PatternCharacter Verification Certificate for the Employees

Benefits of PSARA Registration

Training Protocol

PSARA ensures that the private security service providers follow a proper set of rules and regulations to train the employees.

Selection Procedure

PSARA has laid out a required set of qualifications for working under the umbrella of private security firms.

Background Check

PSARA mandates proper background identification for the employees to work with a security firm.

Long term validation

PSARA license is valid for a term of 5 years with an easy renewal process.

Customer trust

Having your firm registered under PSARA allows your customers to have faith on your services. This ensures long-term customer associations.

Compliance with Employee Laws

Every employee working with PSARA registered organization gets all the benefits as listed by under this protocol.

PSARA Registration - Eligibility, Process and Expert Help

Private Security Agencies Regulation Act of 2005, also known as PSARA lays down the ground rule for the rules and regulations to be followed by the private type security agencies. These organizations are involved in the services that dispatch security to firms while being a private entity. With the rising issues of terrorism and crime, PSARA was brought into the constitution in order to regulate the security affairs. PSARA is a mandatory requirement without which any private security firm or person cannot commence the business related to catering security services.

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