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Get started within a minute

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For Social Media Marketing

Why SMM?


Founded in the year 2004, this social media website ranks as the biggest service provider
with 2.27 Billion active users. Now, isn’t this a number good enough to start implementing your SMM
strategies and aid your brand.


A photo sharing social media channel, Instagram currently flaunts a praise-worthy user base of 1 Billion. So let us help share your brand story with perfect pictures and better sales.


A well known platform thriving with the presence of celebrities, politicians, and witty Twitteratis, the current user base for this social media website is a whopping 326 Million. We help you use this customer base and practice better target marketing with strategic goal oriented techniques.


Popular as the social media website for corporate users, job seekers, and job providers, this platform was launched in 2002. Currently, this platform flaunts 500 million plus user base making it the perfect place for corporate brand marketing and B2B lead generation.


Pinterest is a platform for the creative crafters that love to learn and share their unique perspective in relation to style, art, craft, etc. Currently, the website houses 250 million users. So if you are a fashion brand or something similar, Pinterest could be the perfect targeting spot for your marketing requirements.


Ranking 2nd just after the largest search engine, Google, YouTube flaunts a total of 1.9 billion users. So if you are up for video and content marketing through this social media website, get in touch with us.

Importance of SMM

As confirmed by Hubspot, about 92 percent of the marketers all over the world claimed that it was social media that adds 80% of the overall traffic to their website. This is what sums up the power of SMM. Otherwise known as Social Media Marketing, this technique is a version of digital marketing strategy that utilizes the popular networking sites to drive better revenue, exposure, and authentic organic reach for the brand.
  • Drive Targeted Traffic: Social media thrives over different chunks of targeted audience that can benefit a business. SMM can help you drive better in-bound traffic with less investment by targeting a specific set of audience.
  • Boost Website SEO: The crawlers on various search engines recognize the websites that earn constant traffic as opposed to the ones that don’t. This aids the website SEO bringing in better ranks when SMM is implemented.
  • Understand The Audience: The thing that makes social media one of the best places to promote a brand is the fact that you get to understand what exactly is needed by your audience. This helps modify the service or product for better sales.
  • Build Relationships: A website is the digital representation of your business. However, having a presence over the social media websites allow you to establish a connection with the audience and obtain traffic gains.
  • Organic Traffic: Once you have established your credibility over the social media websites, it’s easy to acquire organic traffic via social media. Once you have managed to impress your target audience with continually updated efforts, you will surely get better organic traffic.
  • PR Strategy: Press Releases make up for a crucial part of the brand’s marketing strategy. Social media when used to promote this PR can lead to effective marketing with higher profitability via organic customer reach.