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For Loan Syndication

Documents For Loan Syndication

Business owner address proofBusiness existence proof
Identity proof of business ownersIncome Tax PAN copy for 24 months
6 months bank statement (latest)

Benefits of Loan Syndication

Flexible Pricing Structure

With loan syndication, business owners get variety of finance options which includes multicurrency options, prepayment rights minus penalty, and risk-management techniques.

Save Time

Syndicated loan saves you time that might have been spent in negotiation with individual banks.

Better Market Visibility

Syndicated loans offer better visibility for the borrower in marketalong with stronger financial support.

Fresh Banking Contacts

Loan Syndication offers a concoction of efforts with an opportunity for creation of fresh bank contacts.

Cheaper Loans

Loan syndication provides the borrowers with finance requirements at a cheaper rate as opposed to the bilateral loans.

Increased Feedback

The loan syndicators are at times willing to provide their own perspectives on the business issues that might be ailing the borrower.

About Loan Syndication

Syndicated loan is generally offered by the group comprised of lenders that tend to work in a collaborative fashion to provision funds for single borrowers. This type of loan providers both borrowers and the lenders lots of advantages. They can also be termed as amalgamated instruments combining the features of publicly-traded debt and relationship lending. Syndicate loans also permit the sharing of risks amidst potential finance based institutions without the disclosure or market burdening. These types of business credits provide impressive financing in an international level which is one-third of the total financing methods which includes bonds, equity issues, and commercial papers.

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  • Bank loan syndication for a quantum of upto Rs.50 lakhs.
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  • Standard Package
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  • Bank loan syndication for a quantum of upto Rs. 100 lakhs.
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  • Premium Package
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  • Bank loan syndication for a quantum of upto Rs. 250 lakhs.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why you require Loan syndication services?

Most of loan proposals are rejected not becouse they fail to meet the criteria instead, They were not advised properly to persent their business prospective in convincing way. Furher the details provided were either incomplete or not properly persented to bank /Financer. At AKT Associates we have an dedicated and expert team which will understand the business and accordingly provide the documentation and related advisory.

What is the interest generally charged by banks on syndication loans?

It Depends business to business and its related repayment risks that bank may perceive and can varry from 8.5% to 18%.

What is the loan amount that I can borrow?

It depends business to business and bank to bank. The rough range is Rs 10 Lakhs to several crore.

What will be Charged for Loan Syndication services?

The charges will be intimated after understanding the business and amount of loan required.

Who will prepare the project report?

All Project reports and related documents will be prepared by our expert team.

What if my loan application is not approved? Will AKT refund the fee charged for creating project report?

In Loan Syndication services we charge for two parts one for preparation of related documents, Project reports etc and second part for loan disbursement. In case loan proposal is not approved we will refund the second part of fees.