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Benefits of ISO Certification

Operational Efficiency

ISO certification increases the scope for enhanced customer satisfaction as well as improvement of operational efficiency in the organization.

Increase Business

ISO certification is a great way to bag some good public as well as private contracts.

Complete Tender Eligibility

ISO certificate is actually a critical requirement before starting a business that helps enter your brand in the global market.

Ensured Quality

ISO being a certified system for quality management helps provision the customers with quality product and services.

Pre-Set Standards

ISO describes a set of pre-set standards that help with quality management of production process model.

Customer Satisfaction

ISO emphasizes on achievement of customer satisfaction which is why having your business ISO certified automatically enhances the overall level of customer satisfaction.

About ISO Certification

ISO Certification was introduced on 23rd February 1947 with the headquarters located at Geneva of Switzerland. The ISO advocates a worldwide standard for commercial and industrial proprietary. It operates as an independent, non-government standard setting body that comprises of 164 members of different countries. With the ever-increasing competition seen among various business niches all over the world, it is required that businesses should deliver high quality goods and services to scale high in the global market. If you have an ISO certification for the business, it helps with the improvement of credibility along with enhancement of overall business efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are the benefits of ISO certification?

The ISO standards have their own benefits under their particular domain within every industry. However, the common benefits of ISO certifications involve enhanced quality efficiency, tapping of market potential, ease in fulfilling eligibility for tenders, high level of client satisfaction a and increased morale of employees. By having a recognized management standard it tells your customers that you are keen to meet their expectations.

What is the criteria for ISO 9001 certification?

Any business entity can obtain ISO certification registration whether it is small, medium or big enterprises.

What is IAF?

IAF stands for International accreditation forum which continuously monitors and improvises the international standards and it also educates accredited bodies about Standards. IAF ISO certifications are accepted worldwide.

What is the key distinction between various accreditation bodies giving ISO certifications?

There isn’t any difference between accreditation bodies, all of them are providing ISO Standards Certifications. The only difference you can mark is of market recognition, branding, and their prices.  

What is the authenticity of the certificate you provide?

Once your business gets ISO certified, the company details shall be published over an accreditation body’s website this will ensure the authenticity of the certificate